• Image of Factor 8 #1

Factor 8 #1
Published by Novel Graphix
24 pages Colour


The truth is in the blood.

When a small mining town in Australia’s Northern Territory is rocked by a gruesome murder, American Ex Pat Dr. Julia Delaney is tasked with performing the autopsy. Her results show that the victim was exsanguinated, drained of blood which is inconsistent with robbery gone wrong theory toted by the local police and when her autopsy report is altered by Julia begins to suspect that the murder is part of something larger. With the help of lead investigator tough as nails cop Frank Vickers, she begins to dig and discovers that this may well not be the killer’s first murder and more importantly may not be the last.
In a journey that takes them from dusty roads of the Top End to the bustling streets of Sydney, Julia and Frank find themselves at odds with not only the killer but some very powerful people as they race to stop the killer before he strikes again.

Based on the novel of the same name by Dr. Ian Rivlin and adapted by Drew Close, Factor 8 features the artistic talents of Jason Goungor (Rombies: Legio Ex Mortis), Rodney Ramos (Transmetropolitan, Batman, Spider-man) and Aly Faye (LARD, McBlack).

The exciting 1st issuse of the new mini series published by Novel Graphix.